TV/Film Producer/ Director; Photographer

Managing Director, Zuri 24 Media

Former President, ITPAN

JO is simply one of the brightest and greatest shining lights of the world’s creative tribe. His talent, his knack for creative innovation, his strong leadership qualities and his larger than life personality stands unmatched by most. A glittering career that has sustained for an incredible 40 years has seen him create and innovate across disciplines and genre. Blessed with the most alluring broadcast voices, JO began from presenting and anchoring in front of camera to birthing some of the most remarkable and enduring programming concepts and programmed anywhere on television in Africa. “Tonight with JO” redefined talk-show programming in Nigeria. As one of the founding Producers of TINSEL the long-running TV soap, he redefined drama series production across the continent. He has led the way in children’s programming creating a full channel of shows and comic characters that has brought creative responsibility to how we use entertainment to foster cultural and moral education amongst our young.

As a creative entrepreneur JO has proved his top quality with innovative and enduring structures in brand management, advertising, TV/radio drama production and many other ventures. He has created jobs and created careers. He has fostered training for a whole generation of professionals working today in choice areas of the broadcast and film sectors of Nigeria. As President of the Independent Television Producers Association Of Nigeria (ITPAN) JO’s voice in leadership of the industry was strident and wise. History will be generous to him. He came, he created and he conquered. 40years of innovation, uncommon vision, unstinting hard work and success is a legacy that will stand tall and visible for generations to study and emulate. In celebration, I am humbled to call JO a friend, a brother and an industry leader whose life and work has inspired me in no small measure. Happy anniversary JO and may your past success only be prologue to a future of greater achievements.

Tunde Bajulaiye


Former Managing Director,
Grand Oaks Ltd.
Former Marketing Director,
Nigerian Distillers Ltd.

JO, it is wonderful to know that you have clocked 40 yrs doing this wonderful job of creating value and inspiring the younger ones to go through the straight and narrow road, where success is genuine and long lasting. Of course one cannot expect anything less from the pedigree that borne you. Not to talk of the schools that nurtured you in your formative years, Government College lbadan etc. I particularly will like to recall the extensive work you and your Agency did for us at Grand Oak.

The story if Seaman’s schnapps is not complete without a mention of the creative work by you. You were responsible for a significant work of overhaul and present position and image of the Brand. Also of note is the supportive work and ideas from you in the early days of Grand Oak limited as a professional marketing outfit. You are more interested in performance and excellence. Monetary reward to you is secondary and l must say this is a rare trait in this part of the world. There are very few professionals in your category. You are God fearing and a committed professional. I pray that we can create more of your specie to give this country, Nigeria, hope for the future. I know this is your mission and l congratulate you as you push on. Please keep the flag flying and the flame burning forever. Well done!


Akinsola Akinfemiwa


Former Group Managing Director, Skye Bank Plc

Presenter, Skye High

I worked with JO on a radio program called Skye High a Skyebank brand communication project created by JO. This was highly successful in promoting the image of the bank as an intelligent and a knowledge based institution. The bank got name recognition in the crowded market place and this indeed helped the banks business. As the presenter, the programme impacted positively on my public image, many people still think of Skye High when they see me even today almost 8 years after. It was a great job from JO’s stable.

Bunmi Oni


Former Managing Director/CEO, Cadbury Nigeria Plc

Jaiye Ojo exhibits a calm mien and sometimes seemingly laissez-faire outlook that belies a deeply reflective and insightful personality which has become even more profound with the passage of time. Our paths first crossed briefly in the alma mater we share at secondary school level, but became colleagues in the workplace many years later.

In that period, JO, in the style of using initials in the company at the time, remained his creative and imaginative, even if somewhat restless, self. A strong team player and effective communicator, he was often the predictable nominee on project teams even outside the confines of his immediate remit. No surprises that he has gone on to build a successful career, and a mentor to the younger generation. JO, here’s to greater successes in the years ahead.



Former General Manager,
NTA Ibadan
Former Nigerian Ambassador to
South Korea

I have had the privilege of working with Jaiye Ojo in broadcasting. I have seen him growing in other related fields for over 3 decades. I can confirm that he is such a rare breed. He is so thorough as a professional, so detailed and meticulous in planning, so diligent, efficient and effective in implementation.

I saw him as an effective, cooperative, hardworking team member. I saw him become a focused, determined, resourceful, creative and excellent team leader. In all aspects of broadcasting, advertising, public relations and indeed multimedia, he excelled and created new frontiers of excellence. His human relationship is superb.

He has this great ability to adapt, adopt, absorb and interpret new knowledge. Jaiye is a man of lofty ideas and ideals, good and great vision, sound and great competence and impeccable character. He stands out as an exemplary professional, leader and manager.


Former General Manager of
NTA Ibadan

Mr. Jaiye Ojo was an on-air personality of NTA Ibadan for many years. He came on board initially as an Announcer & Presenter. He later blossomed into a delightful star of the tube, taking on virtually all genres of presentation jobs, interviews, narrations, etc. with finesse & polish.

He was a consummate broadcaster & one of the few who made NTA IBADAN a must- watch for millions of viewers within our vast coverage area. He shone like a million stars each time he came on air. & soon became a house-hold name.JO has paid his dues. He has made a lot of contributions to the industry.

Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others deserve all the limelight they themselves can muster.

Adewale Adewuyi


TV Producer/Director

Music Producer, Studio Engineer

Uncle, thanks for guiding me towards the right path. You are a fantastic mentor that is worthy of emulation. You deserve a big thank you from me.

How could I ever express all my thanks for your mentorship — truly I have been blessed to have you in my life.

I am so grateful that you took me under your wing. Your leadership and example has helped me grow into my potential. I would not be where I am today without you. You have been an inspiration. As a broadcaster, your achievements have been remarkable. I’m grateful to have you as my mentor.

Thank you for being who you are to me.

I wish you many more successful years ahead.

Ronke Okunsanya


Former Programmes Director,

NTA Zone A

Former Commissioner in Ondo and Ekiti States

It is indeed a pleasure for me to say these few words about Jaiye Ojo, the broadcaster that I know. At the mention of his name, the phrases that come to my mind are 'burst of inspiration ' and uncommon style.

Jaiye 'happened to' WNTV/WNBS, the first Television station in Nigeria in the late 70s. He was deployed to the presentation unit. Shortly after, his talents endeared him to his supervisors and viewers alike. He soon became the face and voice of the station.

Jaiye Ojo is a rare talent in script writing. His scripts give life to any production. We worked together on the production of ‘Family Line' the first health programme to be broadcast nationwide on NTA network channels. The programme won many awards and was sponsored by the then Food Specialties on Nigeria now Nestle. Jaiye wrote all the scripts and co presented with me for the duration of about three years of the production.

Congratulations Jaiye.

wole olufon


Principal Partner, Wole Olufon & Co.

Chairman, Voice Magazine Nigeria.

International Director,
Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship International.

Jaiye Ojo was one of the officers of FGBMFI Ogba Chapter which was birthed in 1988. Sometime between 1990 and 1991 the leadership of FGBMFI Ogba Chapter decided to engage in publishing testimonies of what God was doing in in our midst.

I appointed Jaiye Ojo the Editor of our first publication titled PRAISE MAGAZINE. The Magazine was of such excellent quality that the National Executive Committee mandated me to commence the publication of VOICE Nigerian Edition. I was appointed the Chairman of the Editorial Committee of the VOICE Magazine. I promptly appointed Jaiye Ojo as the first Editor of Voice Magazine.

Jaiye rose to the occasion by bringing his passion for excellence to the production of Nigerian Voice Magazine which was of a comparable quality with the International Voice Magazine. The Voice Magazine is one of the major factors responsible for the astronomical growth of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in Nigeria. The Voice Nigerian Edition is the most regularly published Voice Magazine in FGBMFI worldwide.

Babatunde Fakunle



Former Head Community Health Department, Shell Petroleum Development Company.

Executive Director,Centre for Sustainable Access to Health in Africa (CeSAHA)

I have known Jaiye Ojo now for more than 20 years, initially from a distance through his public works and later as a media/communication consultant when I was the Regional Community Health Manager for Shell Sub-Sahara Africa. His company, Prex was engaged to deliver Shell AIDS Schools Challenge – a challenging HIV/AIDS prevention initiative programme whose goal was to raise awareness of in-school youths and their teachers to HIV/AIDS and related issues.

Among many other communication projects, Jaiye Ojo also worked on a Clean Cook Stove documentary for us that was aimed at highlighting the many dangers inherent in traditional firewood cooking method. He approached the various assignments with high sense of responsibility and deployed his creative skills and talents to ensure high quality and successful products and services. It was immediately obvious that this was a gentleman who knew his onions and that he placed higher premium on societal benefits over monetary compensation.

Jaiye Ojo is a man of integrity, a creative icon and a genius who has remained completely focused and totally committed to his calling and chosen field of communication and marketing.

A humble and complete gentleman, Jaiye has demonstrated through his prodigious contributions in the creative and communication sector over the past 40 years that when hard work, focus, diligence and talents are mixed together in the right proportion, phenomenal success can be achieved.

We are truly proud of this outstanding African and wish him many more years of fruitful service to his country, Nigeria in particular and the world in general.